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Bitcoin Policy Institute Fact-Checks Upcoming Congressional Hearing

Bitcoin Policy Institute Fact-Checks Upcoming Congressional Hearing

The Oversight and Investigations subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is scheduled to have a hearing at the end of January to discuss the environmental impact of Bitcoin. A coalition of national and international organizations sent the subcommittee a letter claiming the "real negative climate and environmental justice effects" of bitcoin and other cryptocurriences.

While regulation will bring more institutional adoption to Bitcoin, and curb much of the fraud in the "crypto" space (see Bitcoin vs. Crypto article), such regulation needs to be established based on fact, and not misleading conjecture.

The Bitcoin Policy Institute has published a rebuttal against common misconceptions about the open protocol monetary network. "Our aim is to clarify the record and ensure that policy discussion around Bitcoin is grounded in science and fact."

See the rebuttal below:

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