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Focusing on Bitcoin

Focusing on Bitcoin

I am renaming the newsletter from "Digital Asset Examiner" to "BTC Examiner." You've probably noticed that the majority of my articles have been bitcoin-related. That's not by accident.

I'm beginning to understand that bitcoin is the most important, most intrinsic, digital asset. Its characteristics of self-custody, proof of work consensus, first-mover advantage, TRUE decentralization, layer-two opportunities separates it from the rest of the digital asset world.

Bitcoin is not a trade. It is a technology—a protocol. And quite frankly, the price is irrelevant. Bitcoin is an open protocol, and since money is the largest of all protocols and gradually gravitates to "1", Bitcoin's role in our monetary system will grow. Whether it becomes the world reserve asset or legal tender for more developing countries remains to be seen, the Bitcoin protocol is here to stay. And I want to study and see where it goes.

Other crypto projects like a permissionless app store sound exciting but not as tangible or important as a borderless monetary system that cannot be stopped or mismanaged by centralized entities.

Here's to doubling down on Bitcoin and exploring the world that it builds.

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